About Us

Also known as Clear Water Bay Dive Center established by the well-known master diver Raymond Chan, Little Palm Dive (LPD) offers a wide range of PADI training course, weekly fun dives as well as overseas diving trips.

Our Mission Statement

SAFETY is our priority.We pride ourselves with good equipment and a professional team. All gears are serviced every 6 months to make sure everything is working well. Our qualified dive crew are composed of experienced, local PADI divemasters and multilingual instructors, each with their diverse areas of expertise. Our diving facilities are owned and maintained by ourselves, guaranteeing your comfort and safety.FUN and FAMILYMore than being a safety-driven dive center, our priority is to help you experience an amazing underwater world both in Hong Kong and overseas. At LPD, we are a family which works hard to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable. All our staff have been working together for a long 5me. ECO-RESPONSIBLE Driven by the passion of people who love and live for the ocean, we want to follow the step of Jacques Cousteau. LPD  is committed to be a responsible and eco-friendly opera5on. We believe in taking care of marine life and we encourage our guests to do the same.

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