Meet Our Instructors and Divemasters

Meet Our Instructors and Divemasters

Our Mater: Raymond Chan

Raymond is one of the most experienced PADI staff instructor in Hong Kong. Having been dedicating to the diving industry for over 25 years, Raymond has over 1000 students in Hong Kong and overseas - some of them are already instructors or master instructors. Not only being the recognized PADI staff instructor, Raymond is also a professional photographer and a leader of ocean conservation activities all around Hong Kong.

At LPD, Raymond overlooks all the diving activities and facility maintenance of our instructors and if you are lucky in some ways, he will get in the water and teach you a few skills himself – if you are lucky!


The Paradise Crowd:

天堂頭目Jason Cheung: the head of Paradise Diver, Hong Kong

Known by his rich and legendary experience, Jason


The ET: Edith and Tina


The Panda Scubas:

The Chan Sisters

Click here to see their website.

The M&Ms: Margaret and Miana

Teamed up in 2018, the two have thus been perfect buddies in crime both on the Little Palm Beach and all around the world. Margaret, also known as the “Hello Kitty Instructor” on Little Palm, is a PADI open water and Project AWARE instructor, and Miana is her closest buddy and divemaster with in-depth knowledge of marine life and fish species.

During a normal week, the two work for two major competitor banks but compose the sunniest and funniest dive instructor team over weekends. They speak four languages – English, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin and they have been diving around the world with their cameras – South East Asia, Japan, the Marianas, Maldives, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean… you name it. If you want to learn diving and have fun, drop them an email! If you love dive travel, please ask them for a list of destinations! If you’d like to try underwater photography, please talk to them!

Click here to see some of their works and fun memories.

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