Why going for the PADI Sidemount diving course?

Sidemount diving is popular and is developing fast. The PADI Sidemount diving course combines many advantages: streamlining, flexibility, freedom and safety. For divers who goes in overhead environment, it offers an amazing low profile streamline.

• Flexibility: Underwater, cylinders are much more convenient and accessible, unlike back mounted diving tanks. It allows you to dive within overhead environment dives easily. Sidemount diving equipment is also considerably lighter, and less bulky – allowing for easier and cheaper travel.
• Accessibility: Sidemount diving gives an immediate access to stages and tank valves. This enables problem identification and allows swifter resolution. Unlike back mounted diving that requires a higher level of mobility, flexibility and freedom to resolve technical issues.
• Streamlining: Sidemount diving configuration places the cylinders under in line with their body. It improves air consumption and allows you to pass through very small passages and holes when penetration diving.
• Comfort: After the course, you will testify that sidemount diving coffers greater stability and easier control in the water. It is also less physically tiring to carry, and get into water.

PADI Sidemount Diving Course - El Nido

PADI Sidemount Diving course: What will you do ?

All in all, you will do 6 dives. 5 for the course and an additional one for fun. But before going underwater, you need a bit of knowledge on sidemount diving: options, set up (one or two cylinders), weighting and trim,dive environment and techniques. Your manual consists of two chapters each followed by exercises that test your understanding.

The diving part of the course is divided into two sections. You will start on the first day by trying with a single tank and get used to this new diving set up. On the second day, let’s add an additional tank. A free fun dive is included in the course.

• A typical schedule is:

• Day 1: Confined water session #1 with one tank⎮Open Water #1 with one tank⎮Open Water #2 with one tank
• Day 2: Confined water session#2 with two tanks⎮Open water #3 with two tanks⎮Additional dive

PADI Sidemount Diving Course